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I.G.I.’s precious metal calculator will help you to see the intrinsic value of your precious metals based on melt value only. That is, taking into consideration today’s current precious metal value and your type of precious metal and the karatage you will know the melt value from a refiners perspective. The value of your individual article of jewelry may be far higher, contingent on type of jewelry, provenance, if any, gemstone(s) included, period of jewelry, maker of jewelry article, etc.

*Important Notice: The melt values calculated does not include the buyer's profit margin. Profit margins may differ dramatically based on buyer's type of retail operation. For example, does the buyer maintain a retail jewelry store, pay rent, insurance expenses, employee's salaries, etc. Additionally, does the buyer devote time and effort in weighing and analyzing the karatage of the precious metals being submitted for sale? These are all legitimate questions that do affect the profit margins that a retailer must charge in order to remain in business.

To know the value of your individual article of jewelry we recommend that you obtain an appraisal report from an independent accredited gem and jewelry appraiser.

One of the oldest multi disciplinary appraisal society’s is the American Society of Appraisers (ASA). These appraisers must be re-certified by the ASA every five years (See IGI Appraisal Reports)

  1. To get started, please enter the weight of your precious metal into the corresponding calculator.
  2. Next, Select the weight type of the precious metal, i.e. Grams, Ounces, or DWT (Penny Weight)
  3. Only if your metal type is gold, Select your Gold type. i.e. 14 Karat, 18 Karat, etc.
  4. Lastly, Just click calculate!

The Calculator delivers the value in US Dollars and is based on previous trade day London Fix Value. Also note the values given are current market prices and are in no way a reflection of the amount you may receive when selling your article(s).

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