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With the emergence of large, reputable online jewelry retailers, its easier than ever to buy a diamond. While convenient, navigating the gemstone buying process can seem daunting. It's more important than ever to understand the "Four Cs" - cut, clarity, color, and carat size - as you embark on the search for your perfect stone. IGI can help.

Our "Ask IGI" program gives you direct access to a wealth of expert diamond knowledge. Simply e-mail your diamond question to expert@igi-usa.com, and one of our diamond experts will respond within 24 hours. Common question include:

Does the cut of a diamond affect its sparkle?
What do the different clarity classifications mean?
How can I know a diamond's origin?

Why "Ask IGI?"

Many jewelry retailers and websites will answer your diamond questions, but they are also hoping to make a sale. IGI is an unbiased, third-party international laboratory that does not buy or sell precious gems. Our gemologists specialize in the evaluation and testing of gemstones, and our knowledge of diamonds is unsurpassed. We can help provide you with the right information so you have peace of mind as you make such an important purchase.

Email us today to get the straight-forward answers that you've been looking for.

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