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Polished Diamond Courses

"Practical, complete and informative," is the best way to describe our renowned Polished Diamond Course. Students will learn how to evaluate the famous 4Cs: Carat, Color, Clarity and Cut with hundreds of specimens, using the loupe and the microscope!

But that's not all. The formation of diamond, the polishing of the rough stone, identification of imitations, synthetic and treated diamonds are only a few of the other topics addressed during classes.

Duration: 8 / 5 days*
Diploma awarded: IGI Polished Diamond Grader

  • Theoretical notions: definition, formation, extraction, and distribution
  • The 4 Cs: carat weight, color, clarity and cut
  • Clarity grading of diamonds, using the microscope and the loupe

  • Color grading of diamonds: colorless to yellow

  • Part I: the proportions of the round brilliant cut
  • Part II: elementary knowledge of fancy cuts

  • The different steps in diamond fashioning from the rough to the finished product - cleavage, sawing, polishing, bruting

  • Analysis of the polish and symmetry of round brilliants

  • Practice

  • Practical test
  • Delivery of the IGI Diplomas
  • Treated Diamonds

Rough Diamond Courses

IGI is the first gemological institute offering practical Rough Diamond Courses. The purpose of this practical course is to deliver focused knowledge on:

  • Sorting of clarity, color, sizes, weights and shapes
  • Sorting for cleavage and sawing
  • Identifying diamonds, synthetics, simulated stones and treatments

Duration: 7 days
Diploma Awarded: IGI Rough Diamond Grader

  • Theoretical notions about rough diamonds, crystallography and chemistry
  • Diamond properties
  • Practice - sorting of rough diamonds according to quality (jewelry vs. industrial)

  • Practice - sorting of rough diamonds: color and clarity

  • The different steps in diamond fashioning from the rough to the finished product - cleavage, sawing, polishing, bruting
  • Practice - analysis of color and clarity, marking of rough diamonds

  • Diamond producers: the different mines and the individual characteristics of their diamonds
  • Practice - sorting and evaluation of rough diamonds

  • Practice - computerized quality estimation of rough diamonds (Sarin)

  • Practical test and delivery of the IGI Rough Diamond Diploma

Colored Stone Courses

Not only diamonds are important to the jewelry professional. What about rubies, sapphires, emeralds and all other beautiful precious and semi-precious gemstones? The importance of colored stones was emphasized by recent gemological conferences held in Antwerp.

Our new practical gemological program addresses the systematic identification of all colored stones, with special attention to the study of inclusions. Is that red stone a ruby, a spinel or a garnet, a red diamond or perhaps just a piece of colored glass?

Three questions will be answered :

  • What is the identity of the specimen?
  • Is the stone natural or synthetic?
  • Is the stone treated or not treated?

Duration: 10 days
Diploma awarded: IGI Colored Stone Grader

Inclusions in colored gemstones are often witness to the origin of the stones, and help in identification. During the IGI courses, many color slides, and practical sessions with the microscopes on colored stones are provided to broaden the insight and understanding of the study of colored stones.

  • Introduction: color, transparency and cut
  • The refractometer and the polariscope
  • Practice

  • The polariscope
  • The dichroscope
  • The most important optical phenomena (chatoyancy, asterism, ...)

  • Natural corundum (ruby and sapphire): properties and inclusions
  • Practice

  • Natural beryl (emerald): properties and inclusions
  • Practice

  • Practice

  • Synthetic rubies from different producers
  • Practice

  • Synthetic sapphires from different producers
  • Practice

  • Synthetic emeralds from different producers
  • Practice

  • Other synthetic gemstones and the identification of treatments
  • Practice

  • Practical test and delivery of the IGI Colored Stone Diploma

Pearl Course

Nobody knows for sure how long these little wonders of nature have been admired by man or woman. What we do know is that pearls claim a very important position in the industry today, and that a sound knowledge of pearls is indispensable for professionals.

During this new and practical IGI course, students will learn about the growth of the pearl (natural or cultured), the quality analysis and evaluation, and the identification of imitation and treated pearls.

Duration: 3 days
Diploma Awarded: IGI Pearl Grader

  • Pearl growth
  • Pearl varieties

  • The identification of all types of pearls and their imitations
  • Quality analysis and evaluation of pearls
  • Practice

  • Recognizing treatments of pearls
  • Practice
  • Practical test
  • Awarding of the IGI Pearl Grading Diploma

Online Courses

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Correspondence Course

Students who take the correspondence course are also provided with the home study manual.

The Polished Diamond Long Distance Course is specifically designed for those unable to attend IGI's practical courses in Antwerp. The Long Distance Course teaches students the theoretical side of diamond grading enabling them to be more effective in their work, whether it be in dealing, promoting or selling gems. Students learn to judge the quality of a gemstone and answer critical questions.

At the end of each chapter, students are required to complete a questionnaire and answer sheet. Upon successful completion of the course, which consists of 15 chapters, and a final examination, the IGI Polished Diamond Long Distance Diploma is awarded.

Chapter 1 Diamond today
Chapter 2 Mining and recovery
Chapter 3 Rough diamond: its structure and growth
Chapter 4 Physical properties
Chapter 5 Optical properties
Chapter 6 Equipment
Chapter 7 Clarity grading
Chapter 8 Color grading
Chapter 9 Cut - proportions
Chapter 10 Finish grade
Chapter 11 Fancy shapes
Chapter 12 Fancy colors
Chapter 13 Simulants
Chapter 14 Recutting
Chapter 15 Historical background



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Oct 4, 2012 Oct 12, 2012 9:00 - 5:00 7 Days


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Oct 22, 2012 Nov 2, 2012 9:00 - 5:00 10 Days


DIAMOND GRADUATE, D.G. - Polished Diamond Course + Rough Diamond Course

GRADUATE GEMOLOGIST, G.G. - Polished Diamond Course + Rough Diamond Course + Colored Stone Course

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