Frequently Asked Questions About Jewelry Certification

Why should I ask to see an IGI certificate when shopping for jewelry?

An IGI jewelry certificate adds an increased comfort level to your purchase. Because the quality of your purchase has been independently verified, you can feel assured that you have made a wise buying decision and that you have received exactly what you have paid for.

Why an IGI certificate?

IGI is totally independent of all commercial sales organizations and does not buy or sell diamonds, precious stones or fine jewelry. Thus, IGI is able to provide objective and accurate appraisals and identification reports, as well as appraisal updates.

How does an IGI certificate help me?

An IGI jewelry certificate is recognized worldwide. In adhering to the one internationally accepted system for diamond grading, IGI offers unbiased, independent and reliable product information.

Additionally, when jewelry is accompanied by an IGI report, the consumer's insurance premium may be reduced.

What is an IGI jewelry certificate?

There are actually four different types of IGI jewelry reports to ensure no question is left uncertified:

  • Identification Report
  • Appraisal Report
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Jewelry Summation

What is an IGI Jewelry Identification Report?

The IGI Identification Report provides a component breakdown of all gemstones contained in the article of jewelry, including quantity and total carat weight, measurements, shape, cut, finish, proportions, clarity and color. The identification, content and weight of precious metals are also stated.

To further identify the item, an enlarged color photograph is provided, which shows the details of the article of jewelry. Identification Reports may be converted into Appraisal Reports.

What is an IGI Appraisal Report?

The Jewelry Appraisal Report includes all the information stated above in addition to the estimated retail replacement value for insurance purposes.

What is an IGI Certificate Of Authenticity?

The IGI Certificate of Authenticity describes a submitted article of jewelry and assures you an independent professional gemological laboratory has officially authenticated the identity of gemstones and precious metal included in the article of jewelry. The certificate will display a color photograph of the article for identification purposes. A certificate number is included in case the item is lost or stolen. All of the particulars concerning the article will be held in IGI's central computer bank.

What is an IGI Jewelry Summation?

The IGI Summation Report summarizes the article of jewelry's pertinent gemological factors. These gemological factors include the authenticity and weight of the precious metals, identification and grading of all gemstones. An IGI Summation Report may be converted into a detailed report for a nominal fee and upon client request. A color photo of the article is also included with each summation.

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